Arrival in Ouagadougou

So I got here in due course. The ride was long and tiring but nothing much to report on.

I did get my bus ride from the plane. We got off the plane on one of those rolling staircases down to the tarmac, and then got on a bus, rode all the way around the plane, and then about 100 yards to the arrival area.

Entering the arrival area, you wash your hands with that anti-microbial stuff, and then the health service wants to know where you’ve been recently and what seat you were sitting in on the plane. I guess they are taking Ebola control seriously. The embassy expediter was there to whisk me through customs, and a good thing too because I guess the university people and Djibi didn’t get the message that I was on this flight. We have yet to contact the university though I just got a facebook message from Djibi.

The Embassy driver brought me to the PAO’s house, though, and I was very kindly received here. Brenda Soya, the PAO, is down at the embassy right now, at 10 pm on a Saturday night, trying to get some information out of the embassy. Above and beyond in my opinion. And she has offered me her spare bedroom for the night. She has several darling little girls and a husband who I met for about two minutes, as he was on his way off to visit a family who had had a death. So they have bigger things to worry about than me and yet they didn’t just say “take him to the hotel”.


4 thoughts on “Arrival in Ouagadougou

    1. Djibi is the brother-in-law of Maty, who is the wife of my friend Dade Cariaga. This is a family tie, Africa style!
      PAO is an abbreviation for Public Affairs Officer. She is the public spokesperson for the US Embassy here and in charge of exchange programs. She is the one who got me the grant to go to Africa. I’ll try to post a picture later.


  1. Stewart,
    Besa and I are really enjoying reading your posts! We’re so glad you made it and are on such a fantastic adventure. Are you considering getting a motorcycle–did I understand that right?


    1. I’m thinking about it. Probably I’ll go with a bicycle. It is flat as the proverbial pancake here and the university is only about 3 km from my house. I could walk it, but it gets up to 110 here in the hot season. I need the exercise anyway.


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