Sunday morning

So I woke up Sunday morning after about four hours, incapable of further sleep. The bed was comfortable, the air conditioning worked, but I guess it was daytime in Oregon so I was awake. My hosts, the Soya family, woke up somewhat later. A light breakfast with their charming little children, and off to church we go.

Church was Mass at the Papal Nuncio’s, very tony. Almost everybody in the chapel was English-speaking (except the few nuns, I guess) but Mass was in French. First French Mass I’ve been to since France in the 1990s. And the responses have all changed anyway. I had a missal, but it was still hard to follow.

Then, we all tooled over to one of the American diplomats’ house for lunch. I got to talk to the American ambassador and his wife, a bunch of young American diplomats, the Nuncio and his assistant (a very funny Hungarian guy). Kind of an unusual introduction to the Fulbright life.

Leaving now to go to my own house, where I’m going to meet Djibi, Maty’s brother-in-law, another guy who will be my host.

And of course, being me, I forgot my camera and didn’t get any pictures of the Nuncio’s house or the other guy, Mark’s, house. A shame since Mark had all kinds of cool livestock – a huge turtle, chickens, and so on. Everybody seems to have turtles as pets here.

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