Meeting Maty’s family

Sunday afternoon was spent meeting the family of my friend Maty Cariaga. They are Senegalese, but most of them live here in Ouagadougou. Djibi picked me up at my house in a cab and we rode down to Bousso’s restaurant. Bousso is Maty’s big sister, a very interesting lady, and, like Maty, a fine cook. The restaurant was not open at the moment, but I was promised a fine poulet yassa (Senegalese chicken with onions, olives, and vegetables over rice), for next Sunday. I also met Mor, Maty’s younger brother. Then, we went to the home of Mariatou and Amadou Thiam, Maty’s younger sister and her husband, where we ate – more great Senegalese food including wonderful fried plantains – and drank several glasses of highly-concentrated Senegalese green tea. This stuff is chock-full of caffeine and sugar, so I was buzzing along the whole evening.

Met a bunch of interesting people – an  economics student at the university named Marc, a computer technician named Siaka, and several young people who work with Mariatou in her hair salon. I think they are cousins or inlaws. I ultimately lost track of names. I got some useful information about the internet here – it appears that the 3G network newly introduced by Telmob, a subsidiary or privatised spin-off of the national telecom monopoly, seems to be the best solution. They offer a “key”, something you plug into the USB port of your computer, or else I could just use my phone (assuming it will work properly) as a wifi hotspot. Everybody mentions the key first; I may end up going that route.

At the end of the evening, Djibi drove me back to Brenda Soya’s house on his moto and I spent the night there again. First time on a motorcycle for me in about 35 years. Everybody here appears to have one. I might break down though I consider them a terrible risk.

Today, Monday, I am scheduled at last to move to my house. Brenda is very kind and hospitable but as I say it is clear that they have a lot to do other than take care of me. Also, once in the house and with the Internet set up there, I can get pictures and liven up my posts here.

Bousso Mor DiopMor Khalid

Here are some pictures of Maty’s family members. On the left is her sister Bousso and brother Mor. To the right is Mor again with her nephew Khalid, son of sister Mariatou and her husband Amadou (?) Thiam. He is the big brother of Djibi. Thus the African family.


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