American Embassy Library

I’m sitting in the library of the American embassy. I came down here to get online and get my email and put up another post, which I had ready on my tablet. But of course, for security reasons, you can’t bring your phone, tablet, etc. into the embassy. Ah well. By this evening, there should be Internet chez moi and all the pictures and what have you can go up. Until then, I continue to benefit from the kind hospitality of our public servants and also of the Diop family. I have a phone number, but not a phone, at least not as yet. Insh’ allah, today, as they say here.

I’m not going to write very much as I am running off to take care of the phone stuff. Still riding around town on the back of Djibi’s motorcycle. He let me pay for gas today.

The power just went out but the computers kept working. How nice is that? It’s raining like heck outside, so I don’t think we’ll be riding the motorcycle right away.

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