On That Coup…

Random firing in the neighborhood, not too much. Down in Djibi’s neighborhood it is continuous and quite close, I could hear it over the phone when he called me half an hour or so ago.

Looks like during the early evening hours, about 6:30 or so here, some people tried to demonstrate in front of the Presidential Palace, presumably against the coup, and they were fired upon. Whereupon there started to be a lot of shooting around town. Either the military is showing its support for the coup or there is a difference of opinion between people with guns.

I should point out that the Burkinabe population is not so assiduously disarmed as the Togolese population was when there was a coup there in 1986 during my stay. Togolese civilians at that time were only allowed to own muzzle-loading shotguns for hunting. Here, you can have magazine rifles and pistols. What I hear sound like military weapons (aka “modern sport rifles” for you gun lovers), presumably not owned by civilians although who knows? I’m not planning to go find out.

In happier news, Mariette had her birthday party, just like any other little kid birthday party, lots of kids in party dresses, a little food and a glass of champagne each for the big folks, and early to bed because they’re little kids and because of noisy politics.

Mariette party 3

2 thoughts on “On That Coup…

    1. Thanks! Everything seems calm right now. We’ll see what the night brings. I’m thinking that the coup is not popular but people might be willing to wait rather than unleashing an uprising that might lead to civil war.


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