Burning tires

Just thought I’d post this photo taken from the corner near my house:

Burning tires 2

There’s a roadblock up there. The big stack of tires in front of my neighbor’s auto shop has disappeared. A pickup rolled by a half an hour ago loaded down with young men and a bunch of branches on the front. This is apparently a sign of the balaye citoyen, the civic broom that they say is going to sweep the bad guys out. We’ll see. Heard a bunch of shooting an hour or so ago and since then, nothing. Ambulances going by.

Djibi just showed up, reporting that there was heavy firing around his house all night. My guardien, Yves, says he heard that people were killed downtown.


2 thoughts on “Burning tires

  1. More shooting now, about 10:45 am. Looks like the pattern is people get up in the morning, take care of business, shop, whatever, then the sensible ones go home while the young men get out and start playing dangerous games with each other.


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