Quiet morning in Lake Wobegon…

I don’t know about Lake Wobegon but here in Ouaga things are quiet this morning in my neighborhood. Traffic is light but people appear to be going about their affairs. Men and women are both normally visible in the street. My neighbor, the mother of three of the little kids who regularly play here, was out sweeping the area in front of her door. The little neighborhood store was open when I went to buy some milk for breakfast.

They say there are going to be demonstrations later today. The Speaker of Parliament/President of the Transitional Council (that selected the sitting government that has now been arrested) has made a statement to foreign media calling for patriots to defend the motherland. And the main trade unions have called for a general strike. Here’s a link to the most recent international reporting on the conflict that I’ve seen. Looks like nobody got killed last night which is a good thing to hear.

Here’s a photo of the main street outside my house, the “Nouvelle Route”, taken about quarter after 8. There would normally be much more traffic at this hour. Many businesses are closed that would otherwise be open. However, there are a few stores open and no sign of cops, soldiers, no roadblock at the major intersection one block down, etc.

Nouvelle route 4

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