A Break In the Situation?

There may have been some developments in the political situation here in the last couple of hours. RFI is reporting an optimistic statement from the president of Senegal, who announced about half an hour ago that the “transition will resume”. It is unclear how this is going to work, since he also suggested that President Kafondo will not lead the transition. In an earlier interview, the two presidents, who are here trying to mediate, sounded tired and frustrated. They said they had seen President Kafondo but didn’t have any word from him. Both sides were talking around each other, with the opposition demanding an immediate return to the barracks of the RSP and restoration of the old government while the RSP were insisting that they were going to oversee elections at an unspecified date in the future.

RFI is also reporting very large demonstrations in Bobo-Dioulasso, similar to yesterday. There was also a statement from another military leader whose name I didn’t catch (could be the commander in Bobo) saying the military was devoted to republican principles and supported the transition. First statement I’ve heard from the military that could be interpreted as opposition to the RSP.

Meanwhile, I haven’t heard any firing for several hours. The barricade-builders in our neighborhood were a little more comprehensive today than yesterday:

Barrages 2

Their tires are actually in the road now, though there is still plenty of room for cars to drive by, to say nothing of the omnipresent motorcycles. And they have yet to light the tires up, which makes me happy since I’m not looking forward to breathing all that burning-tire smoke. Lots of rocks lying around waiting to be thrown, but no action as yet.



3 thoughts on “A Break In the Situation?

  1. Hi Stewart,

    Have been reading news reports about a return to the “transition” in the last hour. Hope the news is accurate! Stay well!

    Roadblocks–still effective!

    Can’t wait to read about your life at the University.


    1. The military commander who issued a somewhat cryptic statement last night about “republican values” was the overall commander of the armed forces. So an important guy to be publicly distancing himself from the coup leaders.


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