A dull day at home

Sitting quietly at home, per the advice of everyone. Djibi called this morning and was quite distressed to learn that I had walked down to the little store to buy milk and sardines. I am running a bit low on food, I hope this gets over quickly. Djibi, by the way, was at the main stadium for a prayer service marking the beginning of the month of pilgrimage, so this is a matter of “do as I say, not as I do”.  But anyway, I guess I see his point.

I have been translating my lectures into French for colonial America, the only thing so far they have asked me to do. I guess I’ll be ready if they decide to open the university at some point.

I took a picture of the street outside. I note the presence of a good deal more stuff on the street that looks like a serious attempt to block the road, unlike the polite single tire in the middle of the median strip from yesterday. However, the tires were not alight and there were quite a few people on the street, vehicles driving about, and suchlike.


Going to church tomorrow unless there’s actually shooting going on. I’ll take a camera.


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