Breakfast. And Sources

Any good historian should reveal his sources when he does analysis. So here they are:

Omlette shop 1

The guy behind the counter is M. Ouedrago, the omlette-maker. He has plenty of opinions and isn’t shy about sharing them with you. He is the one who was cynical about the prospects of Balai Citoyen to preserve unity during the crisis. He says the jury is still out. The guy standing at the counter on the right is the director of the local pharmacy around the corner where I have been buying my various meds (with one exception as previously reported). the guys sitting in the covered area include a variety of local characters. They have been whiling away the time these last couple of days drinking strong sweet tea, bowling, and complaining about the government.

Omlette shop 2

Here’s the interior of the kitchen, with Mr. Ouedrago cooking some viande hachée for sandwiches he serves in addition to the omlettes. I haven’t tried the sandwiches; I am suspicious of ground beef even in the States, and anyway he puts in Cube Maggi, which is MSG, loaded with sodium, and I am supposed to limit my sodium intake.

I haven’t heard any Carlos Santana music playing, despite the fact that it is the “Club Santana”. Mostly, it’s RFI on the radio. That is where I found out about the excellent Burkina Faso news coverage on RFI. They have an hourly program of regional and local news on the half-hour, very useful for finding out what’s going on. That’s my other major source for what’s going on here.

As to what’s going on, the answer is not much right now. There is some traffic in the street, the presidents are gone, no firing heard since early yesterday. The big punch-up at the hotel downtown doesn’t seem to have had a sequel in the rest of the town, thank God. I’m hoping that normal activities will recommence, since I’m almost out of clean clothes. I don’t have a washing machine, here those things are done by hand, and I am a little unsure of my ability to wash clothes on a washboard after all this time. But tomorrow, that is what I am going to do if I can’t figure out another solution.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast. And Sources

  1. To wash clothes–you don’t need washboard. Just soak them in a pail of warm water with soap (whatever you have) for a while. Then rub the dirty parts together in your hands, rinse, and hang out to dry. I used to use a plunger to slosh them (diapers!) up and down in a pail, warm water and soap. If you don’t have soap flakes or other product, just shave up a part of a cake of soap.
    Washboards wear clothes out and pop buttons!


  2. I ended up paying a guy who does it for a living who is down next to the pharmacy. He charged me 700 francs to wash and iron four shirts which I found immensely reasonable and he no doubt found enormously profitable.


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