Happy Tabaski

Today is the festival of Tabaski, or Eid al Kebir, the feast of the sacrifice of Abraham. Muslims all over the world gather with their families to eat enormous quantities and talk sports, politics,philosophy, or, maybe gossip. Kind of like Thanksgiving chez nous.

In Burkina Faso, the imminent festival gave the army enough motivation to settle their differences or at least paper them over. Army high commanders were on TV this morning announcing steps toward disbanding the RSP. We’ll see over the next few days if they really have a plan or if they were just calming folks for the festival. The Compaoré party announced that they are going to name substitute candidates for the people who were excluded from the ballot so that is no longer an issue. And the army announced that General Diendéré is subject to civilian justice, no amnesty. Here’s a link to a somewhat cynical view of the settlement.

All that said, I’m still going to Ghana on Saturday. A holiday at government expense – thanks taxpayers- while we make sure all is really well.

Here’s a picture of a street scene near Brenda Soya’s house yesterday. I was trying to capture the deserted street but I ended up with a picture of a little farm in the middle of the city, something you see a lot of here. People are enthusiastic gardeners here. image

I will get some more pictures up; of the nice Tabaski feast I got at Mariatou’s house later.  Bonne Fete, Eid Mubarak to all!


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