The Terrible, Very Bad, No Good Day

Night before last, the power was out. This means that, among other things, the CPAP machine that I, like a lot of other overweight middle-aged guys, sleep with, wouldn’t work. So I woke up about 20 times during the night and awoke feeling quite drained and unrested. As I always used to feel until I got the CPAP machine. I also have a mild stomach upset caused by some incidental contact with local water, no doubt, which didn’t contribute to my state of health.

Then, deciding to go work in Mme Ilboudo’s office at the university, where there is electricity to power up the computer, I headed off on my bike. Making the turn into the university campus, I fell, again. Not very seriously, but I did bend the handlebars making the bike even harder to control. There’s the handlebars, the buy holding the bike is my guardien, Yves. I called Djibi and he said he’d be around in a couple of hours to help me out.


Then, I opened up my email only to discover that Clackamas Community College has decided to take my winter term Military Conflict online class away from me and assign it to the Europeanist who is a fulltimer there. She had nothing to do with creating the class and I don’t think she has much background in either anthropology or American History, so it seems an odd decision at best. I imagine all sorts of things – maybe they think my Internet connection woes are making it too hard to complete the class, maybe they are mad at me for some other reason, anyway, it was a staggering and discouraging bit of news. Not only because I was counting on the couple of hundred dollars a month they are paying me for the class to help cover expenses here in Burkina – my grant money is going to Kadija to pay expenses in Oregon – but also because a class that I have worked hard to create and that I think is going well for students has been hijacked and will now be not as good as it could be. For some reason, they did not assign the class to my collaborator in creating it in the first place, the anthropologist there, who would have done a fine job. Bizarre.

So I spent the rest of the day sitting ar0und the house feeling sorry for myself. I read about half of a new SF book, and did manage to get a certain amount of work done. At least now the whole first term of Military Conflict is set up and running correctly, thanks to the Distance Learning office at Clackamas.


2 thoughts on “The Terrible, Very Bad, No Good Day

  1. Wow. Sorry to hear about all the bad luck, but especially the blow from CCC. Do you think they’ll give you some kind of explanation?


  2. That was a very terrible day!! Just thought I’d let you know that after seeing a photo of you from one of your posts I went to my photo file and compared it to the one I took in July of you and Anne. I would say that your plan to trim down a bit is working!


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