Heading Home, Life Gets In the Way

For those of you who haven’t heard, my 94-year-old mother, Anne King, fell while walking her dog yesterday and broke her hip. She is in the hospital in Maryland, undergoing surgery at this very moment. I have bought a ticket and will be rushing to her bedside just as soon as Air France can take me. I’ll be there for two weeks, then a collection of relatives and friends will be taking up the duty until inshallah my mother is on her feet again.

Not much to say about this. My mother has been a big part of my life, in addition to giving me life in the first place. I’m worried sick about her. Being independent and able to go on working is a big part of her identity. For example, I bought her a cane a couple of years ago, and she never used it as far as I know. She is adamant about not going to a nursing home. I’m praying for the best possible outcome for her, whatever that may be. It’s in God’s hands, and some orthopedic surgeon’s.

So once again, Burkina Faso will be going through a transition – this time, the election campaign, which starts tomorrow, and I won’t be there.  I have to count on my friends to keep me informed. I’ll be back before the election so I’ll get to see, not the dénouement, but the next step along the way to what will hopefully be a true democracy here.


8 thoughts on “Heading Home, Life Gets In the Way

    1. She completed surgery and I talked to her afterwards. She was clearly feeling some discomfort, but was conscious and spitting fire at the nursing staff. We’ll see what the future holds for her. I am going there on Monday to see her.


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