Mechanics Make House Calls

Just a quick note, while waiting for the election returns to be counted. My bike pedal has been wiggling about annoyingly the last couple of days. I also wanted a better headlight than the ones powered by the little generator that pops onto the back tire that I had been using up till now. So I called Karim, and he came to my house with his assistant and his tools to make the needed repairs.

Mechanic house call

If I had gone to his shop, it would have meant 8 or 10 km in downtown traffic. First time I’ve had a mechanic make a house call.

The elections took place in peace and quiet, as reported last night. There is a website,, that is reporting results as they are posted. So far, very little has been reported. Right now, the site is reporting “chargement des résultats en cour” but when you refresh, still no response. No news might not be good news; the Electoral Commission promised results in 24 hours and they have a little over six to go. Last I saw were very fragmentary results with none of the major cities, Ouaga, Bobo, or Koudougou reporting, giving “Roch” Kaboré 49%, Zeph Diabré 37% and Sankara 5% with the rest scattered. Diabré’s party was in the lead nationally for the Assembly vote but no breakdown by province because only about ten provinces had reported as yet.

All the candidates had voted and made statements about respecting the outcome regardless and expressing their confidence in the open, honest, and democratic nature of the event. The city is quiet and life appears to be proceeding as normal.

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