Happy As A Pig In…

Pig in

I don’t exactly know what that pig is in, but it sure looks yucky and she sure looks contented. Sunday after church, I rode out to Loumbila to hang out with Djibi and his friends there. This lady was wandering around the village, as she was the last time I was there, and in view of the extreme heat (it got up to 40 in the afternoon), she was trying to keep cool. Just like the rest of us.

I stopped at the Loumbila Beach Club and had one of their justly-famous pizzas on the way, then sat with Djibi and drank tea for hours.


This is a classic Sahelian experience. The tea is extremely strong, brewed endlessly over a small brazier that you can see in the lower right corner of the photo, served in shot glasses, and mixed approximately 50-50 with sugar. Somebody who hasn’t had a lot of caffeinated drinks before who drinks a glass or two might well be awake all night. That was Todd Sargent’s experience at my house the evening of the Super Bowl. He had plenty of energy to sit up and watch the game starting at midnight.

In my case, it gave a surge of energy equivalent to a bottle or so of Red Bull, permitting an easy and quick ride back to the city once the sun had gone down a bit. I got back with sore knees but otherwise fine. On the way, thanks to improved cell phone reception outside the city, I was able to have a 15-minute or so video chat with Kadija alongside the highway. I showed her pictures of what the countryside looked like here, since I guess she doesn’t follow the blog.

A good day, all in all, marred only by how long it took to upload these darn photos.


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