Home Again, Home Again, Fiddle dee dee

Jeneba Diane Wash mon 640

I got back to DC June 30th and have spent the last week or so mostly hanging out with my mother, Kadija, and the kids. I’m still thinking about my time in Burkina but haven’t got any serious thoughts to pass on right now. Writing is going to take a couple of months. But it was very nice to see my family again.

Everybody is complaining about how hot and humid it is here. For me, this is actually quite pleasant. I have finally found a way to make Washington summer bearable! Just spend a year in the interior of West Africa. This is like rainy season weather in Ouagadougou, and only a few months ago we were praying for the beginning of the rainy season. High temperatures are in the low 30’s, and nighttime lows are about 20. You can sleep with the windows open no problem though the kids unaccountably have the air conditioner on downstairs so when I come down in the morning it is actually cold. I have to open the doors and windows to heat the house up.

We met up at Safi’s house, where Kadija and an alternating kid have been staying. Here is the happy family together again.

Family 640

No Abraham, on account of he is working back in Oregon. He’s a big boy now. But the rest of us are spending time with our large extended family here. The family got a little bigger yesterday when Kadija’s big sister Ayeba arrived from Guinea. She will be spending several months here and will probably be visiting us in Oregon.

We took the kids to a variety of places around here. One favorite spot is the Patuxent River Wildlife Refuge, sort of the home site for the National Wildlife Service, and only a few miles from my mother’s house. There are several hundred hectares of woodland surrounding a chain of lakes on the upper Patuxent River. A large expanse of wetland with plenty of bird and fish habitat, nice trails that take you over a good bit of it. As is common with Wildlife Service facilities, a good bit of the space is closed to visitors, but there is still plenty to see.

Wildlife refuge scopes 2 640

Had to take a stroll down the Mall and look at the monuments. This truck was parked in front of the White House:

Tyranny 640

I’ve been doing my best to keep my attention away from politics but it is hard to do in the midst of all this chaos. I do not know what to think about all this and therefore am going to refrain from commentary. I’ll probably have something to say in a couple of days.

Here’s a picture that already went on Facebook but I thought I’d share it here. Abraham Lincoln is my candidate for America’s greatest president. With all that’s going on now, I sure hope we get another Lincoln in the next election and not a James Buchanan.

Me JDK Lincoln 640

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